We have all the time in the world they say
Let’s do it today come what may
Time drives us to the limit
Time drives us to our wits end
Messages in time is all we can lend

It’s never too late
When time runs out what happens?
Do we lose it all?
Are we truly ready for it?
When the time is up do we get the answers?


When our gap started to close
Life pulled you further away
It never gave us a chance to heal old wounds and close old chapters
That’s what upset me
It made me run away from inevitable things
What I lacked in relationships, I made up in distance

It’s crazy how a couple of miles can change everything
It took away my mourning and turned it into daylights
and bright lights
Maybe when you lose apart of you things come back together.

Growing into what you wanted
But you’re not here to see it
But I feel you in the air
You’re where no one can see but me
That’s comforting in the coldest days and the frightening nights
Knowing that you live through it all
Our experiences never die
Just recycle into other experiences that remind us of other times

It’s crazy how a couple of miles can change everything
It took away my mourning and
turned it into daylights
And bright lights
Maybe when you lose apart of you
Things come back together………

When i see a feather I know you’re thinking of me there’s nothing holding me back when I know it’s okay and that you’re there.

Splash of You

When I’m in my feelings or my memories
I think of you.
I used to think a hit of you would make me better.
It would crave my hunger for the
It took me a lot of lonely and tearful nights to realize that it wasn’t love.
I used to call knowing that you wouldn’t answer until you wanted to.
Just to hear your voicemail cause it got me closer to satisfaction
I didn’t need you
I needed your voice
Your hands
Your lips
Everything but your heart because I knew I would never get that
That tore me up inside like a hurricane.
However, I settled for pieces of you
I settled for splashes of you.
I didn’t know any better.
I hit a brick wall over and over until my heart ended up in your hands for you to manipulate.
I’m stronger now
Not because I want to
But because I need to
Keep myself guarded
To take myself back to where I started


He journeyed across land and sea
Just to see what could be.
He didn’t believe since he was younger that there was something
guiding us to be better
Something that knows what we’re doing before we do it, it baffled him.
Who really knows all the answers? He says to the sky. And if someone knows all the answers, why aren’t they doing anything to stop it?
If we’re all suffering, why doesn’t “he” help us? Why keep us in pain if you have the remedy to problems? He questioned to the stars. Tears filled his face as he remembered everything that saddened and disappointed him. His mom struggling to stay above water.
His dad passing away
People coming in and out of his life.
He’s a wanderer to just to escape the pain of a unfulfilling, sedentary life.
He always wondered will there ever be something or someone who will understand and have his back without a question or doubt.
Will he discover a force that loves him unconditionally.
Someone who will build him up when the chips are down?
Then a presence appeared that weighed him down and felt like a hand touched from behind on his shoulder. He was perplexed and confused by this presence and how peaceful he felt. For a minute he wanted to turn around and face the presence but the fact that in his darkest moment in the middle of the night in the wilderness where no one knew where he was this presence knew where he was, eased his darkness, silenced his cries, and touched him truly gave him a feeling that he didn’t need to know the answers. Some things don’t need explaining or answers.


Driving for what?
In the dark.
Driving for a solution
for an answer
Driving to nowhere to fill the nothingness of loneliness
If I could drive to the ends of the earth I would.

Driving til there’s no more road
Driving just stay in my mode
No people.
No distractions.
Like I’m in space

The only thing I see is the open road
That awaits me.
Everything and everyone that hates me is behind me.
God is the only one who could find me.
Death is the only thing that could stop me.

I’m driving til there’s no more road
Driving just to stay in my mode
No people.
No distractions.
Like I’m in space.

I’m driven to find my destination
Driven to know the answers
Although there’s nothing there
I still keep searching
Til I tear.

Unsteady Ecstasy

There’s an unsteadiness in my soul
My stomach in knots
My eyes star crossed, punch drunk in love with warmth of the night
I feel like my body is about to take flight
While the grime of the city is behind me, the fight is in my guts
I’m happy and I don’t know why
My gut is telling me to run
But my soul is telling me soak and bathe in the blue light of ecstasy
Be happy while you can it says
These feelings are pretty transient
You never know when things can flip
It’s as unsure as a boat
an unsteady one
The one’s that are in rough seas
And you don’t know whether they’ll tip over and drown or smoothly sail
Across the seas and take you home


Just hiding from the rain
Trying to find a distant place
To live again
Going through my imagination
Like they were polaroids
To make things seem more sane
Hiding seems to be the best escape
When I can’t latch onto a feeling
When things slips through my fingers like sand
It all gets too serious
And i back away unattached to the moment
Turning away, having a shoulder so cold it cuts the wind
It cuts you leaving you to pick up the pieces.