Part of Me, Part of Him

There’s a part of me that wants to love him

I see he’s so damaged

He’s a rare animal caught in one of man’s  contraptions

I feel that he once walked the walk I walked

He convinced me that I’m not crazy

That I’m not alone




There’s a part of him that’s occupied by another

That I can’t stop

I don’t want a crazy mess on my hands

I don’t want his worries

Her heartbreak

And my guilt on my hands

Like the blood on the scene of a crime


But there’s a part of me that want his time


Because time never ends when I’m with him

There’s a part of him that’s stuck with her

Their history thick with bonds, inside jokes

and bridges I could never burn

Blocks that I’ll never build

And sparks that could never be reignited


She is lucky to have him

Like a snack in a cracker jack box

She probably cherishes him

But not the way I would

And not as strongly as I could

There’s a part of me that wants to turn

The potential energy of us

Into the kinetic energy of lust

And love that’ll shatter my soul like glass

But this time my feelings too shall pass


There’s a part of me that prays he won’t stay with her

Or that she’ll leave him

And that he’ll want me

I’m being selfish but the part of me that wants him is taking over


I want to believe there’s a part of him that want a part of me

But I know I’ll never see

So I’ll take the pain of unrequited love and just be

Because I’m tired of dreaming

And maybe the next beloved will see



The Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures” highlights three African-American female mathematicians integral to NASA’s skyrocketing success and, while the movie was set almost 60 years ago, there’s still a great need for brilliant talent within the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields that women can and should aspire to join. Per 2016 data, nearly 80…

via These New York women thrive in male-dominated industries — New York Post

Landline (Rainbow Rowell)

Euriah Toda

Hey there! My name is Euriah Louise, 15 and I have an interest in reading and writing, which brought me to make a blog post about this book entitled “Landline”, written by the author Rainbow Rowell.

Rainbow Rowell is an author who started posting her stories up on Wattpad. The first story I heard of, that was written by her, was called “Eleanor & Park” but I never got to read it. Instead, I read two other books that were written by her, which are “Attachments” and “Landline”. The genre of her books is young adult fiction. “Eleanor & Park” and her other book called “Fangirl” both received a great deal of critical acclaim in 2013, based on her Wikipedia page.

Her book “Landline” is currently one of my favourite books. She writes about a woman named Georgie Mccool and her husband, Neal, having marriage troubles. They both have two…

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Dating For Earthlings: Relationship Resources

For the Love of Books

deeperdatingSick of reading books about dating and relationships that treat you like you’re from another planet? Tired of rubbing that “Law of Attraction” magic lamp and hoping that a love genie will pop out? Me too! So in advance of Valentine’s Day this year, I offer a review of some more “down to earth” titles on looking for love.

Ken Page’s “Deeper Dating” is a new book in the GPL collection (translation: place your request now!) and offers a refreshingly mature and practical approach to intimate relationships, free from any magical solutions, affirmations, or promises –just good, solid advice for anyone looking to escape “the dating game” and start exploring the realm of real intimacy. In many ways, this is a demanding book. It asks the reader to commit to a number of challenging exercises and ideally asks that you go through the book’s various stages with a partner –not…

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Next Reads for 2015.

Ms. Sandra Harnum

Most of my “To-Read” shelf this year is, with no surprise, littered with YA and “fluffy” reads.

Reason one: a break from re-reading / teaching such beautiful classics as The Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm and the Lord of the Flies — although, the Lord of the Straightener is a parody of the Lord of the Flies. I am sure Library School will keep me busy with the scholarly side of reading.

Reason two: Who cares what we are reading? WE ARE READING!

Currently Reading : The Forsaken


Next Reads of 2015 :

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50 Book Challenge

Recreating Simplicity

“You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things, the books you read and the people you meet.” ~ Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

For some time now I have wanted to do a reading challenge. My bookshelf literally overflows with books, many of which I have yet to read and every one looking more and more interesting each time I browse its pages. Books are kind of an addiction for me. I love the idea of shared stories and information filled dialogue – it’s a drug of mine. Being a book collector of sorts combined with working at a university library has more or less set me up to be an avid lifetime reader. (To which I say, YIPEE!)

As 2015 begins I have decided it is high time that I get reading. Well, reading MORE. So many books have been calling my name for…

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