Part of Me, Part of Him

There’s a part of me that wants to love him

I see he’s so damaged

He’s a rare animal caught in one of man’s  contraptions

I feel that he once walked the walk I walked

He convinced me that I’m not crazy

That I’m not alone




There’s a part of him that’s occupied by another

That I can’t stop

I don’t want a crazy mess on my hands

I don’t want his worries

Her heartbreak

And my guilt on my hands

Like the blood on the scene of a crime


But there’s a part of me that want his time


Because time never ends when I’m with him

There’s a part of him that’s stuck with her

Their history thick with bonds, inside jokes

and bridges I could never burn

Blocks that I’ll never build

And sparks that could never be reignited


She is lucky to have him

Like a snack in a cracker jack box

She probably cherishes him

But not the way I would

And not as strongly as I could

There’s a part of me that wants to turn

The potential energy of us

Into the kinetic energy of lust

And love that’ll shatter my soul like glass

But this time my feelings too shall pass


There’s a part of me that prays he won’t stay with her

Or that she’ll leave him

And that he’ll want me

I’m being selfish but the part of me that wants him is taking over


I want to believe there’s a part of him that want a part of me

But I know I’ll never see

So I’ll take the pain of unrequited love and just be

Because I’m tired of dreaming

And maybe the next beloved will see



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