Splash of You

When I’m in my feelings or my memories
I think of you.
I used to think a hit of you would make me better.
It would crave my hunger for the
It took me a lot of lonely and tearful nights to realize that it wasn’t love.
I used to call knowing that you wouldn’t answer until you wanted to.
Just to hear your voicemail cause it got me closer to satisfaction
I didn’t need you
I needed your voice
Your hands
Your lips
Everything but your heart because I knew I would never get that
That tore me up inside like a hurricane.
However, I settled for pieces of you
I settled for splashes of you.
I didn’t know any better.
I hit a brick wall over and over until my heart ended up in your hands for you to manipulate.
I’m stronger now
Not because I want to
But because I need to
Keep myself guarded
To take myself back to where I started


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