He journeyed across land and sea
Just to see what could be.
He didn’t believe since he was younger that there was something
guiding us to be better
Something that knows what we’re doing before we do it, it baffled him.
Who really knows all the answers? He says to the sky. And if someone knows all the answers, why aren’t they doing anything to stop it?
If we’re all suffering, why doesn’t “he” help us? Why keep us in pain if you have the remedy to problems? He questioned to the stars. Tears filled his face as he remembered everything that saddened and disappointed him. His mom struggling to stay above water.
His dad passing away
People coming in and out of his life.
He’s a wanderer to just to escape the pain of a unfulfilling, sedentary life.
He always wondered will there ever be something or someone who will understand and have his back without a question or doubt.
Will he discover a force that loves him unconditionally.
Someone who will build him up when the chips are down?
Then a presence appeared that weighed him down and felt like a hand touched from behind on his shoulder. He was perplexed and confused by this presence and how peaceful he felt. For a minute he wanted to turn around and face the presence but the fact that in his darkest moment in the middle of the night in the wilderness where no one knew where he was this presence knew where he was, eased his darkness, silenced his cries, and touched him truly gave him a feeling that he didn’t need to know the answers. Some things don’t need explaining or answers.


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