Cold/We Don’t Have to be

It’s not the world that gets cold
It’s us that gets a little cold
Cause at the end of the day we all get a little cold
As I looked down at my brothers cold face at his funeral.
All the life and structure that made his face beautiful is still there but is manufactured and made up by the mortician’s attempt to capture the last bit of life he had.
It’s a beautiful attempt but not the same.
It’s like trying to bring life to a wax figure or person who’s had too much plastic surgery. It just doesn’t work.
We don’t all have to be cold.
We feel we have to be cold to protect what hasn’t been taken away from us.
But we don’t realize we have to be warm to gain what we haven’t discovered.
We can melt away the facade.
We don’t have to be cold as if we were our dead counterparts going into the ground.
Live, breathe, feel it all as if you’re in the nature in its rawest most gorgeous state.


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