My Mouth

My mouth is a razor blade
A concoction of fury and beautiful pick me up’s
You’d be surprised of things that come out of this little mouth

My mouth is the alcohol on your wounds
It burns but in time it heals

My mouth could be a pop song
It shakes you up
Makes you think
Or it could be a jazz song
Keeps you reeling and guessing
Of where i go next until my trance makes you sink.

My mouth could be my brain
But then i’d have no friends
Or I’d be dead
My mouth could be poisonous like lead.

Sometimes my mouth and i
Need to tread, tread lightly on those who’s skin is so thin it’s like ripping a petal off a rose
My mouth is the mother bear that protects it’s cubs
Those that hurt whom she cares for
gets ripped to shreds as if they’re ribbon.

My mouth is painted many colors
Red, blue, turquoise, black
It’s so beautiful you’re taken aback.
You look at my mouth and it makes up for everything you lack
It’s so mesmerizing you’ve caught a heart attack

My mouth being full
My mouth being unsteady
These words have power
I sure hope you’re ready


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