City Life

People come here to make dreams come true
Most of those dreams die within a matter of months and years
As if your dreams and aspirations were the candy that that huge bully in the fifth grade took, smashed it, and handed it to you like the shit didn’t happen.

We live in the city but not the city
You see on the postcard
We’re at the bottom of the barrel but in the middle of it all? Isn’t it funny
In the middle there’s money
But out here there’s nothing
We’re scatter brained and frightened
What to do now?

I love the city
It runs through my vains like water runs through valleys and rivers
But if this is city life
I want no part of it.

Especially when my heart is in it.
There’s no start and beginning
Change is inevitable but this is changing at a whirlwind pace
I turn around and everything that’s different is in my face


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