Letting You Know

I knew you were here for a reason.
You were an angel in disguise.
I’m letting you know
I’m here.
I’m okay.
Even though you and i both know that I’m here to stay
You know cause you live through me.
It’s as if you’ve never left.
I do this cause i know you would be proud
Seven years between our births but you made it seem like seven minutes on a cloud
Even though you had awkward ways of showing it.
You loved me and i know it.
You were my brother so you put me through it.
You told me I’m smart and i can do it.
I believe it.
I can see it.
But I’m still here to tell you so. I gotta learn to love and let go all the while letting you know.
That I’m here.
I’m loved.
You were a particular favorite to heaven above.
You and the angels have mom and i protected like were softballs in a glove.
Heaven couldn’t wait for you so they made you a dove.
Dove of love
There’s no doubt in my mind
That you would never leave me stray
No matter what cruelty I may find
That you’ll never turn away.


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