You, Yourself, and You )

You, Yourself, and You
I can’t take away from you
Nor can I add to you
All I can do is let you be you
It seems like you can’t be stopped even when you feel as if your letting the world down
When you think shit isn’t happening to you it is
Everything grows around you like a garden
Don’t be envious of other flowers growing around you.
You grow on your own terms
Not on the validation, pace, or admission of others.
You’re no ones project or stepping stone
You ride your own wave
If no one is down for you you go it alone
You realize everyone else is in a cave
Every move you make leaves a handprint on someone’s heart
You’re unforgettable
The way you live your life is not
It’s all you wanted
It’s all you needed
So just receive it
And run with it
Go out
You know what it is now


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