Too Many Nights…….

Too many nights I’ve been waiting for you to wake up.
The world doesn’t wait for you, but I do.
Too many nights I’ve pondered about whether you’re going to see life for what it is.
Too many nights I’ve wondered if you’ve let the failures of your life and others around you keep you down.
Too many I’ve wondered why it hasn’t?
Too many nights I’ve questioned your resilience. Your strength through the pain. I wonder if you ever cry?
Too many nights we’ve watched people die. Literally and figuratively speaking. And you’ve kept on like a soldier in the midst of war.
Stoic and powerful as the world was crumbling right in front of your face.
Too many nights i’ve wondered how our people did it in the past.
Too many nights I wonder how I would do anything without you.
Too many nights I would be a lost pup, a child without their parent.

But tonight I sit here. With an image of your face engraved in my mind.
Your voice ringing in my ear like a school bell.
Keeping your words on repeat b/c they mean so much and hold so much meaning and power over me like a paper weigh
Saying too many nights I stay alive and keep on keeping on because of you.


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