Forgiven Not Forgotten

For all this time I forgot how much I hated you

And how much I cared

And how the anger and resentment built up inside me

like the Berlin walls

And nothing can make them fall

For such a long time the rage

made me put you above it all

Cause you were a skyscraper

Causing a dark cloud on my life. Living in such strife.

Staining my innocence as if you

poured coffee on my white shirt

Damn that hurt

But still as I sit here clutching the painful

petrifying, past in my hand in the form of

a ribbon, I’m trapped.

The tears are a mixture of happiness

because I’m taking the step of letting go and

the frustration that I’ve held on so long

and let your sickness grow on me like a


I let the ribbon go

It flies following the ways of the wind

I look up and I’m finally free again.


One thought on “Forgiven Not Forgotten

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