The Wire’s Clay Davis Wants To Teach You How To Pronounce ‘Sheeeeeeeeeit’ Properly



Isiah Whitlock, Jr. has had many roles in the 33 years that he has been acting, including as a fireman in Gremlins 2: The New Batch, but most people only know him for one specific variation of a curse word. As Sen. Clay Davis on HBO’s The Wire, Whitlock delivered the show’s most memorable catchphrase with that wonderful “Sheeeeeeeeeit” that people still love to say whenever someone mentions his name or even the series. But now it seems that one drawn out word is about to have a huge second wind.

In this trailer for The Whitlock Academy, Whitlock is seen teaching a class of his students how to properly hold that E, but the Academy’s Facebook page promises that “serious actors” will soon be learning from the master. Look, I don’t ask much, but Channing Tatum has to be on that list. It would basically be a…

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Sarah Jessica Parker Returning To HBO For New ‘Divorce’ Comedy

Hollywood Life

She’s back! Sarah Jessica is set to star in and executive produce a new half-hour HBO comedy called ‘Divorce.’ We can’t wait!

Great news, SJP fans! Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, 49, is returning to HBO to star in an exciting new comedy about a couple going through a super long divorce. This relationship-driven role sounds perfect for her!

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Forgiven Not Forgotten

For all this time I forgot how much I hated you

And how much I cared

And how the anger and resentment built up inside me

like the Berlin walls

And nothing can make them fall

For such a long time the rage

made me put you above it all

Cause you were a skyscraper

Causing a dark cloud on my life. Living in such strife.

Staining my innocence as if you

poured coffee on my white shirt

Damn that hurt

But still as I sit here clutching the painful

petrifying, past in my hand in the form of

a ribbon, I’m trapped.

The tears are a mixture of happiness

because I’m taking the step of letting go and

the frustration that I’ve held on so long

and let your sickness grow on me like a


I let the ribbon go

It flies following the ways of the wind

I look up and I’m finally free again.

Asylum Narrative 1- Nurses Perspective

I wonder what makes people this way? Was it God’s way of punishment towards them or their parents? One of the patients I look after, John Donovan is one of the most peculiar and wildest patients sporadically strips himself naked saying “the spirits have got hold of me”. John says this repeatedly and continues to act erratically for 3 more days, only to calm down, and act “normal” again. What spirits john? What spirits have got hold of you so tightly that you’ve got to act this way?? I think in my mind as I administer the drug into his body that will render him tired, unconscious, spiritless, and “normal”. I can’t help but think, what is “normal” to John? What’s normal to any of these people anyway? All their lives they’ve been poked, proded, and examined as if they’re animals. Even the way this cold, huge, grey, industrial building is set up adds towards the pain. The Nathan Wild Asylum is what its called. The building is gargantuan. It’s almost like a castle out of those novels mom read me from the middle ages. The halls are white, long, wide, and blank. This is where boredom goes to die. This is where life gets trapped and is in a standstill. This is where boredom might just drive you mad. This is hell. The cells where John Donovan and the patients are expected to be cured or live until someone sees fit for them to leave are cold just like the whole lifeless building. The cells with bars of steel is made for them to be contained. I personally don’t think shoving someone in a dark windowless, cold cell to receive mind and body altering drugs through a slot is the best remedy for being cured of a mental illness. I don’t have a remedy for it however, do we really ever get cured of mental illness? I assume John will just take life day by day, clutching onto the sanity that got served to them through a rectangular, metal, slot. Donovan suffers from what is called Paralytic Insanity. He almost borders on General Paralysis because of his raving and unmanageable behavior. I don’t find it to be crazy. He knows something we don’t know about beyond the earth and universe. He communicates with them on an outer body level that we don’t understand. He speaks to ghosts. How odd would it be to speak to ghosts?

Best Winter Reads


One of my favourite things to do in the winter is to wrap myself in a cozy throw blanket, sip on some hot tea and read a great book. It’s such a pleasant way to unwind and relax. As you may remember, in the fall I shared with you some of my favourite fall reads, which are also crucial for every twentysomething to dive into. Today I will share with you some of my go-to winter reads, so pull up near the fireplace, mark your page and enjoy!

  1. New York Times: 36 Hours 150 Weekends in the Usa & Canada – Beat the winter blues away with a little daydreaming about the possible roadtrips that you can take in the spring. This book is an amazing guide to North American travel…and also looks great as coffee table decor.
  2. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden – This book…

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Being Smarter than the Dog

Terry Spear's Shifters

I can write full-length novels, and do any number of things well. But now is the time to be smarter than the dog. 🙂 ❤

Every day is an adventure. I’ve discovered this Havanese is a chow hound. Maybe because he had others to compete with back home, so he wolfs down his food and then wants to get up on the printer cabinet where I’ve measured out the rest of his food for the day so I don’t overfeed him.

He’s a jumper, so trying to jump on top of the printer stand, but he can’t make it. Thankfully.

So then his next goal–you see, just like in books, characters have to have all-important goals–so does Max. His next goal is to get the trash out of the wastepaper basket next to my desk. It’s mostly paper trash, though I throw my used up green tea bags in there…

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