Five (More) Posts to Write Right Now

The Daily Post

Next time you think you have nothing left to write about, think again. Beyond our daily prompts and weekly writing challenges, it’s always good to have a few trusty post ideas you can rely on. Here are five — give them a try next time you feel stuck.

Write a meta post

Sure, we’ve advised you in the past against starting a post with a generic “sorry for my absence!” apology. Sometimes, though, the story behind your silence can itself be a worthy topic to explore, whether your reason is mundane (work, finals, kids) or not (you’ve been hiking in the Andes). Instead of apologizing for not writing, find an engaging way to tell us why you haven’t posted anything recently.

Prompt yourself

Writing prompts are useful because they come from the outside, ready for us to take them apart and make them our own. Nothing stops you, however, from reverse-engineering the process. Write a…

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