So many colors to describe
The mess I’ve made
Yellow splashes through my mind
The hope and positivity of what could be
The blue flows through as if it’s the river
Serenity and tranquility at its finest
Watching each other sink into oblivion
Me not knowing what I want
Letting the colors shoot out of me
I’m a paintball of uncertainty
The magic eight ball of indecisiveness
Red was the color that fooled me
It uncovers the desire and vulnerability
Red is truly behind the skin
It peels me back like an orange
Or a scab a child never stops picking.
This just shows me that
We could make a mess or make amends
These colorful feelings paint a thousand pictures
Pictures of plains
Of frustration
Or of demonstration
Of times where we did not exist
Colors make us up but don’t define us
They give us life
Or something to live for
It certainly doesn’t make life a bore


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