Magical ?

Although we don’t all believe in magic,
There are some times i believe moments are magical
Like the time our souls danced against the light
I had my arms wrapped around him
To feel the closeness of being close to someone for the first time.
Letting my maze runner guard around my heart come down
And it be okay.
Just to squeeze and ingest his intoxicating smell. I ingested his scent like a cat marking its territory.
It was nothing sexual
Just intimate
Just beautiful
I was addicted to holding him, observing, and taking the scenery that was him.
Even looking at the intricate scars and flaws on him.
Like a beautiful mistake (at the risk of sounding corny)
These things mean nothing to people in my generation probably.
But it means the world to me.
We swayed to the sound of the music pouring out of the speakers.
The music might as well have been off.
Cause we danced to our personal song. Our bodies swayed to a different tune.
A tune we knew
A tune we only knew the words and melody to.
Is this magic?
Sure I’m in a trance but am I really under a hypnotic spell? Or hypnotic thrill?
To know that I’ve gained and I lost but that means nothing when I’m being held down by the weight of this human being is relieving as all hell.
I don’t wanna pour my whole heart into this and hurt.
So our souls danced against that dim light and the song ended we stayed.
Just cool
Just calm
Could this be magical?


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