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FIFA Women’s World Cup: 5 Things To Know About The Soccer Tournament

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It’s finally here! FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off on Saturday, June 6, in Edmonton, where Canada will take on China. It’s sure to be an exciting tournament, but here are five things you need to know before tuning in!

Edmonton, Canada is abuzz with soccer fever, as the city is hosting 11 matches during the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which kicks off today, June 6. The lines on the field have been painted and the players are totally psyched, but before the tournament starts, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Here Are The Top 20 One-Hit Wonders Of ’90s Alternative Rock



The 1990s were the pinnacle for alternative rock. After all, the very name of the genre is owed to the fact that these sorts of bands were seen as the alternative to the prevailing rock music of the late ’80s, when hair metal still reigned supreme. There was grunge, post-grunge and other bands that had no associations with grunge. It was a weird time; you look back at some of the songs that became hits, and realize that the mainstream is probably never going to be that idiosyncratic again. Indeed, while some of the era’s bands were able to find a great deal of lasting success and create a lasting influence on the rock music that came after them, some weren’t able to sustain anything beyond a single hit. We’re here to honor the latter.

Our process for putting this list together was highly scientific. (Not really.) Basically, we considered any band…

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The Eighteenth

It’s the eighteenth and it doesn’t even dawn on me that he’s gone
Maybe it dawns on me that he’s never coming back
I wish i felt something for it
I wish i could cry for it
Stand up and die for it
But there’s nothing there
My eyes are as dry as the sahara desert
My brain trying to drain it out as if i could drown it and suppress it
But he’s here
Not anywhere else


Holding me down with all the power you have is exhilarating but it won’t help me
It won’t free me
The anchors at the bottom, unchain me like a melody

Life could be sweet like candy
If you weren’t so stubborn
Plans don’t go smooth and dandy
Sometimes timing is torn

I could map the answers in the stars
And watch your bumbling slip off your lips in confusion
But you wouldn’t accept it
You wouldn’t entertain it
The universe couldn’t maintain it

Fake what you can
But deep down you’re a jester
Love to you is profound
To you caring for me is being a clown

Life could be sweet like candy
If you weren’t so stubborn
Plans don’t go smooth and dandy
Sometimes timing is torn

I live in my truth
You’re so withered your lies cave in on you like a roof
Pull me down, do what makes you feel comfortable
But you’ll never life until you find something worth being uncomfortable

Through and True

Walking through it all
Knowing that it was worth taking a fall
Keeping the tears behind the mask
It was such a daunting task
It makes us crazy
It makes us rebels against the machine
Giving so much to feel whole
To remain with remains of bursted bubbles and dreams
Through all the scams and schemes
I found you
The true diamond in the rough
The really rough rivers i don’t mind riding with
Your curves and bumps in your river are mine
I’ll skate away until the end of time
If you promise to take a stand of life
With me
All the pain and strife can be taken in stride and set free like a ribbon in the sky.

One Night Calls

One night calls
One way stalls
We’re stuck between an alternate universe
Catching our moments whenever we can like fireflies in a jar at summer time
They usually die out but let’s cherish and savor it while we can

Let’s live and die like fireflies
Lighting up at times
But look luminous while doing it
Shining in places they don’t see
Glowing at times without notice

It’s only a 2 second light
It’s only a shot in the dark
But it’s a shooting star close to the eye